you can find the pulse capacitor constants at /gpfs/exfel/exp/SPB/201701/p002012/scratch/user/kuhnm/pcdrs/r0488-r0489-r0490-r0491-r0492-r0493-r0494-r0495
There you can find both formats again: the agipd and the xfel format


- the numbering of the channels is corresponding to the numbering of the raw files, e.g. RAW-...-AGIPD00-S....h5 -> channel 00
- gainlevel_mean: the mean of the digital (gain stage information) value in each gain stage
- offset and slope: results of the fitting for each gain stage area
- threshold: mean of the gainlevel_mean values of two gain stages; used to determine the current gain stage
- collection: some metadata
              - creation_date: when the constants where created
              - run_number: from which run numbers this was created

Raw analog data

Dark offsets, fix gain

calculation: (<raw analog data> - <dark offset>) * <fix gain>

where <fix gain> are the ratios between the gains and were chosen as ratio \frac{H}{M} = 34.5 and ratio \frac{M}{L} = 4.1 

-> this was the correction we gave you during the beamtime

Dark offsets vs pulse capacitor offsets

taking one row of one module of the raw data and compare the smoothness of the dark correction versus the pulse capacitor correction for the medium gain stage

Dark offsets and pulse capacitor gain

calculation: (<raw analog data> - <dark offset>) * <pulse capacitor gain>

Mixed offsets and pulse capacitor gain

Using dark offsets for high gain stage and medium offsets for medium gain stage

calculation (<raw analog data> - <dark offset for high gain stage and pulse capacitor gain for medium gain stage>) * <pulse capacitor gain>

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