Can be found in the git repo https://stash.desy.de/projects/AGIPD/repos/calibration/browse in branch format_join

There a script with the following name exists: job_scripts/run_analysis.sh


Modify the parameter

git_dir: <the direcotry in which git was cloned, e.g. cd /home/kuhnm; git clone <url> -> git_dir=/home/kuhnm/calibration
raw_dir: beamtime of the experiment (the software automatically searches for the correct subdirs)
output_dir: where the results should be written to (the software generates subdirectories)

To generate pulse capacitor constants:
meas_type: pcdrs
run_list: 8 runs (one for each injected row)

To generate dark constants:
meas_type: dark
run_list: 3 runs (one for high medium and low gain)

data_id: is is needed to join the different channels into one file. To distinguish between the constants currently an identifier is added (simply the date on which they where generated)


cd <git_dir>
sh job_scripts/run_analysis.sh

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