The blue line shows the mean of a ROI of module 4/Memory cell 4. The red plot is shows the  mean of the same ROI but for the next memory cell 5 for which we do not expect to see photons. On the x-axis the train number is plotted, on the y-axis the ADU value is plotted. While the acquisition was running, the delay of the clock and control trigger was moved to scan the position of the incoming pulse inside the integration window in order to place it at the beginning of the window. The result is that the initial position at 1941789clks (*9.23ns) is already well in the beginning of the window. The delay is changed from 1941777 (train 0) to 1941794  (train 1500) in steps of 1clk/10sec. (100 trains).

Data is available here: /gpfs/p002012/raw/r0002/gpfs/p002012/raw/r0007

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