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Space: Adrian Pagel
Space: AGIPD
Space: AGIPD Calibration
Space: AGIPD Documentation External
Space: AIDA-2020 External Silicon Strip Tracker
AIDA2020 External Silicon Strip Tracker Documentation Area
Space: Altium Designer/Nexus
Space: APEX
Space: ASAP3
Space: Azubi Management Tool
Space: babyIAXO Review by DESY PRC
Space: Beam Telescope ALPIDE
Space: Beam Telescope Development
Ugrades for EUDETtype beam telescopes // Development of a new common beam tool
Space: Belle II
Common space for the CALICE AHCAL group at DESY
Space: CFEL IT
Space: Competence team "Detector"
Common space for the "think tank Detectors"
Space: Computing
Space for Compute Resources & Software
Space: Confluence at DESY
Space: CSSB CryoEM Software
Space: dCache
Space: DESY (S)Tau Analyses for Run2
Space: DESY Astroparticle Public Space
Space: DESY CMS Trk Upgrade2 Alibava
The space related to the CMS Trk UpgradeII studies with Alibava R/O system at DESY
Space: DESY-Engineering
Space: DESY II
Space: DESY II Test Beam Facility
Information and documentation about the DESY II Test Beam Facility.
Space: DESY Micro TCA.4 User tool kit
Space: Detector Assembly Facility
Space: DPDAK
Space: FEL Beam Dynamics Group
Space: FLASH Whiteboard
Space: FS-BT
Space: FS-CMPC
Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry team: P02.1, P7211, P08, P09, etc.
Space: FS-CXS Technical Doku
Space: FS-EC
Space: FS-P01
P01 beamline team confluence
Space: FS-P03
Space: FS-P05
Space: FS-P06
PetraIII P06 Information Pages
Space: FS-P10
Space: FS-P23
Space: FS-P64
Space: Grid
Space: HiDRA
Space: High energy CRL
Space: High Level Controls
Meeting minutes and shared information for the High Level Controls team.
Space: ILD
Space: Inclusive Vub
Working group for inclusive Vub analysis
Space: IPP
Space: IT-Grafana
Space: IT-Icinga 2
Space: IT-Linux
Space: ITPublic
Space: Jungfrauv test beamtime May 3
Space: macOS
Documentation, knowledge base and best practices around macOS at DESY
Space: Martin Sundermann
Space: Matter and Technologies
An area to share information etc on the program matter and technologies
Space: MCS
A space for the DESY machine control system group
Space: MSK LbSync Public
Information, documentation and troubleshooting of the LaserBased Optical Synchronization Systems at DESY and other accel…
Space: Personalabteilung V2
Space: PETRA III Betrieb
Dieser Bereich dient der Zusammenarbeit rund um den Beschleuniger PETRA III in Bezug auf Betrieb, Verfügbarkeit und Stat…
Space: PiLC
Space: Puppet
Space: R&S Vector Network Analyzer
Space: SCETlib
A C package for numerical calculations in QCD and softcollinear effective theory (SCET)
Space: SIMEX
Space: Smaragon
Space: String Theory Journal Club
Space: Swedish Materials Science Beamline P21.2 (SMS)
Space: Team Higashi 2017
Summer student program 2017. Team members: Bagnaschi, Corral López, Gavrilova, Liebler and Weiglein.
Space: Team Higashi 2018
Summer student program 2018. Team members: Bagnaschi, Engler, Spies, Stefaniak and Weiglein.
Space: TRIUMF-Helmholtz Scientific Computing Working Groups
Documentation space for the currently three working groups on data analytics, largescale computing, and quantum computin…
Space: TROVE Developers' meeting Feb 21-23 2017
Space: uh2it
Space: XFEL Data Handling
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