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Atlassian Confluence is a wiki system with fine grained access controls and very comfortable editing functions. Create, share and discuss your files, ideas, minutes, specs, mockups, diagrams, and projects.

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Space: AGIPD
Space: AGIPD Documentation External
Space: AIDA-2020 External Silicon Strip Tracker
AIDA2020 External Silicon Strip Tracker Documentation Area
Space: ASAP3
Space: Belle II
Space: Competence team "Detector"
Common space for the "think tank Detectors"
Space: Computing
Space for Compute Resources & Software
Space: Confluence at DESY
Space: dCache
Space: DESY (S)Tau Analyses for Run2
Space: DESY CMS Trk Upgrade2 Alibava
The space related to the CMS Trk UpgradeII studies with Alibava R/O system at DESY
Space: DESY-Engineering
Space: DESY II Test Beam Facility
Information and documentation about the DESY II Test Beam Facility.
Space: DESY Micro TCA.4 User tool kit
Space: DPDAK
Space: FS-EC
Space: FS-LA Public
Space: FS-P01
P01 beamline team confluence
Space: FS-P05
Space: FS-P06
PetraIII P06 Information Pages
Space: FS-P10
Space: FS-P23
Space: GeFaD - Generative Fertigung am DESY
Verzeichniss für alle wichtigen Themen zur Generativen Fertigung
Space: HiDRA
Space: High energy CRL
Space: ILD
Space: IPP
Space: ITPublic
Space: Jungfrauv test beamtime May 3
Space: Matter and Technologies
An area to share information etc on the program matter and technologies
Space: MCS
A space for the DESY machine control system group
Space: Personalabteilung V2
Space: Personal Database
Space: PiLC
Space: Puppet
Space: SCETlib
A C package for numerical calculations in QCD and softcollinear effective theory (SCET)
Space: SIMEX
Space: Smaragon
Space: Team Higashi
Space: TROVE Developers' meeting Feb 21-23 2017
Space: Windows 10
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